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Important Shipping Policy Notice

Green Lion is a Marketplace comprised of many independent vendors.

We offer free shipping on orders over $49.99 from any one vendor. While your cart order may exceed $49.99, you will only get free shipping if your order contains items from a vendor within the marketplace exeeding that dollar amount. So you could have some items shipped free and other items encoring shipping charges within the same order.

For example - an order totalling $100 was made up of 2 items, Item A was $75 from one vendor, Item B was $25 from another vendor, only Item A would ship for free because it met the $49.99 threshold. Item B came from an different vendor and did not meet the $49.99 threshold. Therefore, it encored a shipping charge.

When you place an order, you will recieve a tracking notification via email so you can track your orders.

All orders will ship within 48 hours or you will be notified if there is a delay.

Important Note: Some items do not ship free. The reason...weight! We do not make money from shipping and either the cost has to be included in the cost of the item or shipping fee must be charged. All items which are exempt from free shipping will be clearly marked in the product description.

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