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The Paga Bags is a social business that produces handbags made of recycled plastic weaved with cotton by the association des tisseuses de Bogodogo based in Burkina Faso, Africa.


PagaBags project was first launched in September 2012. Thanks to a couple of clients and a handful of sales to friends, we were able to raise money to support the launching of our entreprise.  During the Spring of 2013, we focused on organization,  quality and production.  In September 2013, Paga Bags was officially established as an buisness.


As founding - manager of Paga Bags, my goal is to promote empowerment and entrepreneurship of women weavers in a market oriented approach so as create sustainable jobs, while improving living and environmental quality in the neighbourhood where we work.

PagaBags is an ecologically responsible social business and field Partner of the Women’s WorldWide Web.  

By using plastic bags, collected at the source, we are contributing to reducing pollution and  raising awareness on hygiene and health.   Our social responsibility ensures women’s empowerment through well-paid jobs, decent and safe working conditions and on-site training. You can follow the PagaBag Project, see where and how we work, meet the women on  facebook at "Paga Bags" !

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